7 things you didn’t know about me

There was a thing on Facebook a while back – ‘7 things you didn’t know about me’, I found out some really interesting things about my friends and enjoyed reading their posts. So here are mine to share with you.

1. My degree is in American Studies which doesn’t really qualify me for anything much! But it enabled me to have the best year of my life, spent in the US, studying at the University of Maryland, and I met my husband James there.

2. I’ve been on TV a few times, once on Blockbusters and on 10 episodes of Countdown, including on Christmas Day 2001! Despite this being 14 years ago, there is a clip of one of the shows on Youtube!

3. I always wanted to work in Local Government, as my Nan and Grandad were councillors in Sandwell. My Nan was Mayoress in 1977 when the Queen visited.
(I didn’t actually understand the difference between councillors and officers until after I got my first job at High Peak Borough Council!)

When I got my job working in Digital Communications at the Environment Agency I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to combine my love of social media with getting paid for it! That love was tested a little bit during one of the wettest years on record, and regular evening and weekend working. But it was a fantastic opportunity to show the power of social media and it’s impact and effectiveness in emergency situations.

4. I’ve run four half marathons and am doingSheffield Half Marathon a Wolf Run in April!

5. I speak some French and surprised myself with how much I remembered when my youngest son got chicken pox while we were on holiday there last summer!

6. Working for myself has been an amazing revelation, the freedom and flexibility are wonderful, I’m lucky to have some great clients. I have more money left over every month (earnings vs childcare) than if I was doing any other job, and I get to do the school run most days.

7. If Wow! Signal Communications were a book it would be dedicated to my late mum, the brightest, strongest, most loving person, who I’ve missed every day for the last two years. But I know somewhere she’s supporting me every step of the way.

me and mum

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