Social media in the age of social distancing

social media social distancing

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It’s been a while since my last blog, like many small business owners, I’ve been juggling the difficulties of lockdown, balancing homeschooling and work, a gradual return to some sort of normality, a lovely holiday last week, and now a new lockdown.

For my clients and many other businesses, it’s been a real mixed picture over the last few months. Some are busier than ever because they are able to carry on with their work whatever the level of restrictions are. For others though, much of what they do is dependent on people being able to get out and interact with them.  Those businesses may wonder what to post on social media and if it’s worth bothering at the moment.

My advice is that it is definitely worth the effort. While many of us are confined to our homes and certainly going out less than we’re used to, we’re spending more time on social media than ever before . Businesses that do a good job of keeping in touch, offering advice and support, and generally reminding us they are there – should be in a good position as customers can return.

Build loyalty now even if you can’t turn that into sales just yet.

Here are five things you could post about:

1. Your services

What services can you offer while people are at home? Can they contact you for advice or ask to be added to a waiting list for when we do have more freedom? Do you offer gift vouchers that people could buy as presents?

2. Advice

Are there any tips and advice you can offer that relate to your area of work?

3. Questions

Ask for feedback. Use your social media channels to gauge opinions on what customers and potential customers would be interested in. Make changes if you have the time.

4. Your story

One of the reasons people support local businesses is because they are dealing with real people. Let your customers know your story. Why did you start your business and how did it get to the point its at now?

5. Outside of work

What are you up to outside of business?  As far as you are comfortable, tell people a bit about how you have adjusted to the current circumstances and some of the things you have been doing away from your business. 


And here are three ways you can support local businesses via social media:

1 Share

Facebook and Google both offer you the chance to share reviews of businesses that you’ve used in the past. Take the time to write one for a local business you’ve been a customer of. Or why not take a photo of something you’ve bought, share it on social media, and tag the business in your post. It’s guaranteed to make them smile!

2 Engage

Did you know that the more interaction a social media post gets, the more people get to see it?  Simply liking or commenting on a social media post from a local business gives it a boost and means more people are aware of what the business does.

3 Recommend

Facebook groups and other online chats are full of people asking for recommendations. Spend a few minutes suggesting the names of local businesses that you know and trust – it makes a real difference to them

I’m based in Balsall Common and many of our local businesses use #BalsallBusiness on social media, in nearby Knowle #VisitKnowle is popular. Why not search for these hashtags and support local businesses or search for the equivalent in your local area

Thinking of small business owners everywhere as they navigate yet more difficult times.

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