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In defence of social media with a sense of humour

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In amongst the furious Twitter traffic at the conclusion of the #USA #BEL game last night came a great tweet from @NYTSports. Sadly the author must be one of the few Americans who get sarcasm! The tweet

Too bad soccer's so boring

Too bad soccer’s so boring


brought a hailstorm of condemnation from people who just didn’t get it, and how many of them there were.  The poor person behind the account couldn’t have predicted the fuss it would make.

All the best Twitter accounts sound like they come from real people, who are passionate about what they are doing, with a sense of humour where appropriate, and this is a perfect example of this.  If not everyone likes it or gets it then so be it.

But true to the saying there’s no such thing as bad publicity this has drawn attention to what a fantastic account it is. A quick scroll through the rest of their tweets shows the dedication and knowledge behind the account. It offers brilliant up to the minute commentary and analysis like this:

Tim Howard analysis

Tim Howard analysis

So to the @NYTSports tweeter who’s notifications must have been pinging away long into the night with irate replies, I say keep doing what you are doing, it’s great. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, especially if they don’t have a sense of humour!


By Claire Turner @clairet18